High Availability Solutions

High accessibility solutions

Keep critical systems online at all times.

If there is no good time for a blackout

Some data is more critical than others. Carbonite Availability ensures that high-value systems remain available to users and the applications that depend on them.


Limit disruption to seconds, not hours

Carbonite replication software mirrors any physical, virtual or cloud workload to a secondary destination where users are redirected as soon as there is an interruption to the resource.


Prioritize, plan and win

Not every system needs high availability protection. Carbonite helps you align protection with data urgency, saving you time and money.


Roadmap for high accessibility

Does your business need high availability data protection? Today's complex IT environments typically require a mix of solutions including high availability and backup for complete data protection. If your environment contains critical applications and systems that cannot tolerate any downtime without significant impact on your business operations, Carbonite's high availability solutions can help. Our high availability technology provides an up-to-date copy of your operating environment without taxing the primary system.


Custom design the perfect solution

Combine Carbonite technologies to create the best data protection solution for your workloads, risk tolerance and business objectives. These solutions are complementary and flexible: When your needs change, so can your solution.

Carbonite Availability

Your IT systems are constantly replicated in standby mode, stored 24/7 ready for failover.

Carbonite Migrate

Migrate workloads to any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment with minimal risk and virtually zero downtime.

Carbonite Recover

Keep a secondary copy of any system in the cloud for instant failover in the event of an outage.