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Network Solutions

Teltonika Networks offers a wide range of networking products designed to make your connectivity reliable, secure and quick to deploy. Our products will help you build a robust IoT, M2M or enterprise network infrastructure and advanced remote management features will allow you to manage it with ease. If you can't find the product you need or are looking for something special, contact us as our solution may already be available.


Ultra-fast cellular speeds up to 3.3 Gbps


With automatic failover, redundant WAN and other switching scenarios


Supports both architectures to take advantage of 5G infrastructure


Backward compatibility with 4G (LTE CAT 20) and 3G network technologies


The brightest minds at Teltonika Networks are behind the design of our connectivity products. Our in-house R&D unit, located in Kaunas, Lithuania, quickly and efficiently develops new products that respond to market needs. At the same time, we are constantly improving our existing portfolio by adding new features and expanding functionality.


All Teltonika Networks devices are manufactured and assembled in our flagship production facility in Molėtai, Lithuania. Manufacturing in-house ensures that our engineers achieve the highest quality in all our products. Every single part is thoroughly tested before it leaves our warehouse.


Our Technical Support and R&D teams work together to achieve synergies in providing our customers with the best possible service and short response time.

We are a fast-growing technology company producing professional fastening equipment for international markets.

Thanks to our long-term experience in research and development, we have developed a broad product portfolio for the most complex areas of Industry 4.0, Smart City and Green Energy. We control every stage of the product development cycle, which enables us to respond quickly and effectively to market needs.

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Our Focus

When developing our products, we primarily focus on three main pillars:

reliability, security and ease of use. We believe these elements are essential for the success of any IoT project.


Reliability is one of the key areas of focus when designing products at Teltonika Networks. We have many years of experience in manufacturing industrial devices that can withstand the harshest environments and offer connectivity continuity with multiple redundancy scenarios.


We ensure the highest level of security for all Teltonika Networks products by performing regular security testing and releasing periodic firmware updates to eliminate any risk of breach.

Easy to Use

Industrial Teltonika Networks devices are mainly designed for professional applications but are still easy to use. The use of our products does not require any special training and can save a considerable amount of time during the implementation phase.

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